About Us

At Mint Mantra, we specialise in helping hospitality operators to understand their potential and then overcome the obstacles to reach it. We don’t follow the traditional model of consulting firms but aim to fulfil a much bigger picture. We pride ourselves on only working with brands and operators whose values match our own, wanting to see them grow in the future, and be part of that success.

Integrity, transparency and quality of service are just some of the values our clients choose us for. They tell us that our help has given them time to draw breath and gain perspective; That our insights have helped them prioritise where to spend their time and efforts, think strategically and prepare for the challenges ahead. Instead of firefighting, they have peace of mind, allowing them to grow their business through greater control.

We believe that as a business owner you have it in you to succeed. After all, that’s what made you start a business in the first place and, as the legendary athletics coach, Arthur Lydiard, once said:

“Champions are everywhere, all you have to do is train them properly”

To Summarize

  • We are a boutique culinary firm. We bring years of food & beverages know how to you.
  • We help unravel your ideas into sustainable concepts.
  • We bring you to the market and give you the best chance to succeed.
  • We know the industry inside and out and have deep roots in it.
  • We work in full partnership and jointly assume responsibility for your goals.
  • We know what works in the market, predict the cultural changes, and deliver ideas that can strength your foundations for a better future.

What we bring to the table

“We make opening a restaurant and building & growing a Brand – easier and more profitable “