Our Services

Franchise Solution

Mint Mantra has in – depth understanding and knowledge of the restaurant business and franchising industries, which helps us in assisting our clients with every aspect of the franchising process. We cater to all the different requirements from our clients, whether they want to buy the Master Franchises from the existing opportunities available with us or want us to explore other opportunities considering their requirements. We are happy to assist you throughout your journey and provide you with 360 restaurant franchise solutions.

With our extensive experience in the Hospitality domain, we can offer our clients the best possible solution for them. From the initial finding of Franchises and suitable sites to business and financial assessment, concept development and marketing. We pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive and unique service. We trust that we will be able to assist you in fulfilling your dream.

Pre - Opening & Operational Assistance

Our experts work thoroughly to establish a successful operation from start to finish. Weather you need a comprehensive operations manual, human resources management or operational audits and analyses, Mint Mantra will provide you with all the essentials for a smoother workflow and successful work force.

Menu Development

Our experience and knowledge of the food industry enables us to provide customized menu designs, recommendations and cost evaluations for more profitable restaurants operations.

Guest Experience Audits

With the goal of providing your guests with the best and most unique experience, Our analysts will rigorously evaluate your product offerings and conduct mystery guest audits. Data will then be compiled in a detailed report to provide you with valuable insights related to your offerings.

Inventory & Cost Control

Mint Mantra works closely with you to implement an array of internal controls to make sure your establishment is preforming at its peak. This enables us to perform random cash spot – checks, better manage your inventory, and ultimate control your costs.

Compliance & Permitting

With our practical solutions, expedited process, and extensive legal knowledge, we ensure your project complies with local rules and regulations while obtaining all licenses and permits required by local authorities.

Human Resource Management

If your staff is not happy, your business won’t be. It goes without saying that your staff carrier the lifeline of your business, especially in the hospitality Industry. Being a hugely service – oriented sector, the goal of each restaurateur and hotelier should be to maximize the job satisfaction levels of their employees. For that reason, Mint Mantra offers human resource management including ongoing recruitment, dealing with HR related issues such as medical, or staff requests such a Pay Slips, Salary Certificate, Offer Letter, ID Card as well as their welfare.

Marketing and PR Support

The hospitality Industry is culturally & religion diverse with people from all Cultures and backgrounds stopping by, the hospitality industry serves one of the most diverse clienteles in the region. Mint Manta understands the ins and out of the market and can, therefore, provide you with exemplary marketing services and public relations solutions that suit your business needs.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most important areas for any hotel or restaurant. It gives life to the whole establishment. From it, comes the lifeline of the Business. Anyone will tell you that it needs to be appealing, clean, and with all the resources required to enhance success. As an established F&B concept developer as well as a designer, Mint Mantra will help generate your kitchen design based on the menu selection. We develop a detailed kitchen plan, then source the items and coordinate the installation.

Concept Development

Just coming up with a business idea is not enough. The idea needs to be conceptualised, broken down into doable parts, and with the right resources, breathed into life. With Mint Mantra solutions, with your budget and wishes in mind, we study the market and identify opportunities for your hospitality business anywhere in this region. Accordingly, we develop a new food and beverage concept from the typical general high idea down to how each item will be served.